C++ Certified Professional Programmer Practice Test

C++ Certified Professional Programmer (CPP) certification is an esteemed recognition in the field of computer science, underlining the coder’s proficiency in leveraging the power and flexibility of C++. For those aspiring to earn this certification, we’ve curated a set of 25 practice questions with answers and explanations to help hone your skills and gauge your […]

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C++ Basic I/O MCQ

Input and Output (I/O) operations are foundational in C++ programming. Whether it’s reading from a file, getting input from the user, or displaying results, understanding I/O is essential. Let’s test your knowledge of basic I/O in C++ with this beginner-centric quiz! 1. Which header file is primarily used for I/O operations in C++? a) <iostream>

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C++ Array MCQ

Arrays are a foundational concept in C++ programming, allowing you to store a collection of items (typically of the same type) at contiguous memory locations. As you start with C++ or look to refresh your knowledge, this quiz will test your understanding of arrays in the language.  Try your hand at these ten multiple-choice questions,

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