JavaScript Aptitude Test

This post presents a JavaScript aptitude test with 25 multiple-choice questions for beginners. These beginner-level MCQ questions cover the fundamentals of JavaScript. 1. What is JavaScript? a) A scripting language used primarily for server-side scripting b) A markup language used to style HTML pages c) A programming language used to create interactive effects within web […]

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Problems on Numbers Aptitude

Problems on Numbers form a crucial part of quantitative aptitude tests. They involve understanding and applying concepts like divisibility, properties of numbers, arithmetic operations, and number series. These problems require a good grasp of basic mathematical concepts and often involve finding patterns or applying logical reasoning to solve numerical challenges. 1. Find the smallest number

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Permutation and Combination Aptitude

Permutation and Combination are fundamental concepts in probability and counting theory, used in determining the number of ways objects can be arranged (permutation) and chosen (combination). Permutations focus on the arrangement of items where the order is significant, while combinations deal with the selection of items where the order is not important. 1. How many

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Area Aptitude

Area problems in aptitude tests involve calculating the space occupied within a two-dimensional boundary. These problems can include a variety of shapes such as squares, rectangles, circles, triangles, and more complex geometrical figures. Understanding how to calculate the area is essential for various real-life applications in fields like architecture, land development, and interior design. 1.

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Clock Aptitude

Clock problems in aptitude tests typically involve understanding the movement of the hour and minute hands and calculating the angles or time intervals between different positions. These problems require a good grasp of how the clock operates, including the speeds of the hands and their positions at different times. 1. At what time between 4

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