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Ruby MCQ

Ruby is a dynamic, open-source programming language known for its simplicity and productivity. Dive into the set of 30 multiple-choice questions to test your knowledge on Ruby programming language. 1. What is the creator of Ruby's name? a) Guido van Rossum b) Brendan Eich c) Yukihiro Matsumoto d) Linus Torvalds Click to View Answer and

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Scala MCQ

Scala, a hybrid functional and object-oriented programming language, offers a rich set of features and a concise way to express complex programming patterns. Test your Scala knowledge with this set of 25 multiple-choice questions! 1. What does the word 'Scala' stand for? a) Scalability b) Scalable Language c) Scalar Language d) Scalation Click to View

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R Programming MCQ

R is a versatile language primarily used for statistical analysis and data visualization. With its extensive library support and flexibility, R has cemented its place as an essential tool for data scientists and researchers. Dive into this set of 25 multiple-choice questions to test and expand your R programming knowledge! 1. What is R primarily

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Kotlin MCQ

Welcome to the Kotlin quiz. In this Kotlin quiz, we’ve prepared 40+ multiple-choice questions to challenge your understanding of Kotlin concepts. Each question comes with detailed explanations to help you learn and solidify your knowledge. Let’s dive in and see how well you know your Kotlin! 1. What is Kotlin? a) A new version of

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